the creators

the two people who bent over backwards to create what you are perhaps holding in your hand right now. It started as usual with an idea that turned into something that kept them awake at night for the next months. however, now, full of strength and energy, they come to you to make your life easier and to do something nice for you.

young couple living in Krakow. they like to lie on the couch and watch a movie or tv series, but from being too bored they start to turn over their heads. their love of not standing still and the will to change made

meet weronika:

an organized student who finds her loss in baking cakes, and peace and tranquility in the newly discovered passion – caring for plants. if she could, she would hug every dog that she passed on the street. she is constantly looking for new ways to create, and her passion for these creative areas as well as her firmness in creating have made the cards look the way they did. wouldn’t see the light of day if it wasn’t for the work of the two of them.

meet dawid:

a down-to-earth dreamer who made the idea poured onto a piece of paper. a versatile lover of good cuisine. whatever you want to eat now, he probably can cook it. He is inspired by people, and continuous activities drive him to act. his analytical and conscientious approach allowed him to achieve all intended goals, and when you read this, he is probably sitting in books or producing kimchi for a change.

how we work:

we are not selfish; you can easily guess that it is not only thanks to us that you hold these unique cards in your hands or browse this page we are deeply committed to the female community and use our resources to create opportunities for development in our local polish community.